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Winter Roofing Problems in the South

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

We may not get extreme winters here in Alabama but a sudden winter storm can magnify common roofing problems. Freezing precipitation has started falling in some areas of the state and the nightly temperatures have dropped below freezing. We’ve compiled a list of winter roof risks for Alabama and wanted to take a moment to inform homeowners to help them with the weather this season.

1. Winter Winds

High speed winds can rip shingles off a roof any time of the year. However, winter winds can be aggressive and have the habit of doing that more so than any other season. If your roof is in good condition, the shingles will be able to hold but if your roof is older it is at a higher risk of being damaged. After a strong winter wind event, check your yard for shingles that got knocked loose or visible damage on the roof.

2. Flashing Leaks

Sloped roofs have parts that are more vulnerable to leaks. This can include roof edges, valleys, and areas where a roofing plane meets a dormer or wall. These areas should be protected with metal strips called flashing. Sometimes flashing can get dislodged by aggressive winds and leave certain spots vulnerable to leaks. A properly trained roofing contractor can easily replace flashing. The sooner it's completed, the lower the risk of roof leaks.

3. Condensation in the Attic

Condensation happens when warm and moist air meets a cold surface. Usually, indoor condensations is a sign that a homes’ entry doors, windows, and exterior walls are correctly sealed. However, condensation in the attic is an indication that your roof is not getting properly ventilated. Fortunately, ridge vents can be installed on an existing roof. New soffits may need to be installed to correspond with new ridge vents.

4. Ice Dams

Ice dams are a winter roofing phenomenon. Snow on the middle of the roof metals, gets stuck in clogged gutters and re-freezes. This creates a large dam of solid ice on the roof edges that keeps melted snow and debris from draining away. With nowhere to drain, this melted snow and rain tends to leak right into the roof causing serious damage. Although unlikely in the south, it can still happen. Roofs with clogged gutters are much more likely to have an ice dam - yet another reason to clean your gutters in the fall.

No matter what this winter has in store, Birmingham Roofs has you covered. From hail damage to winter storm winds, we offer a full range of support for your roof. We offer free inspections so there is no reason not to call! Don’t get caught out in the storm, we’re here to help. Contact us today or give us a call.

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