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Bullets falling from the sky and into your roof

Updated: 6 days ago

What goes up must come down. Unfortunalty more often than not this can mean things falling onto the roof. Most people know about storm damage to shingles, with debris and limbs and sometimes hail falling on the roof. Alabama has some serious storms to contend with. Aside from these there are other types of roof damage, those of the man made kind. One of the more common types of roof damage we see are bullet holes in the shingles. Once inside the city in our experience one out of every 3 homes have bullet holes in the roof. Sometimes the bullets lodge in the wood, sometimes they are laying ontop of the shingles. This year we repaired a roof in Birmingham that had 4 bullet holes in their metal roof and were causing active leaks.

There are several options for repairs when dealing with bullet holes in a metal roof. The metal can be cleaned and soldered over. The hole can be covered with a repair tape and a product like Alsan used on top of that. Also a specialized type of caulk can be used like NP-100 which comes in a variety of colors to match your needs.

Unfortunatly there is not much that can be done to safe gaurd your roof from bullet fire. The most important thing is that your roof is safegaurding you and your family from bullets coming down. At Birmingham Roofs we can take care of finding any potential bullet holes and fixing your roof from bullet damage. We would be happy to come inspect your roof free of charge.

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