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The best roofing shoes, a deep dive into shoes to wear when roofing.

Updated: Apr 16

Many different types of shoes and boots have been used for roofing over the years. Most roofers have different preferences in the shoes they use on steep slope roofs, ranging from specific tennis shoes to soft-soled boots. Today we have shoes made specifically for roofing like Cougar Paws.

A common misconception when discussing roofing shoes is that a steel-toed boot is the best for being on a roof. Protecting your toes when working is important and all safety protocols should be followed. While steep slope roofing being safely secured on the roof without slipping takes precedent.

Let us take a closer look into some of the shoes worn in roofing today.

  • Cougar Paws are used while roofing on shingle and metal roofs. These roofing boots help when working at a steep incline and partially take the fear out of slipping off high roofs. Cougar Paws made for shingles work with a removable sole. This sole is made of a Velcro type material that keeps the shoe securely on the roof. Cougar paws also make boots specifically for metal roofing these use a magnet which allows for a firm foot placement and less worry.

One of the best roofing shoes to help stick to the roof.
Cougar Paw

  • Brazos have been used by many roofers for years. This work boot is most commonly used in shingle roofing. They have a very soft-soled bottom that allows for better foot traction to the roof. Roofing shoes and boots with a soft bottom are best because they allow for more surface area to come in contact with the roof. Most hard-soled shoes make it harder to grip the roof because it cuts down on the surface area coming into contact with the roof. At we have always found the softer the sole of the shoe the better the grip on the roof.

The most common boot used in roofing.
Brazos Work Boot

  • Clarks are known as one of the more historic roofing shoes from a company that has been around since 1825. All old-school roofers had a pair of Clarks on their feet. Not many people know about Clarks history on the roof, still less wear them on the roof today. Clarks still hold their own in roofing work today. Clarks best feature for roofing is their soft Crepe sole. This soft sole allows a strong foot placement on the roof. They are lighter than boots and easy to move around in, not to mention stylish too.

Scott holding his favorite pair of roofing shoes
Clark Shacre Boot

Choosing the best shoe for roofing will be up to the individual roofers themselves. It is far more important to have a boot or shoe you feel comfortable with at all heights. Any of the shoes listed above are great when dealing with steep slopes roofing. Always remember not to rely on your roofing shoes to keep you safe on the roof. Learning how to navigate a roof correctly and becoming comfartable at heights. Even with these highly recommended shoes, you are still at risk of serious injury and should always stay cautious. The best and first protection you place on the roof should be a rope and harnness. Here at, we prioritize safety over everything else.

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