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The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

If your home is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than you would prefer, or if your attic is unbearably hot in the summer months, you may not be vented adequately or at all. One of the most common reasons for premature roofing system failures is inadequate ventilation. If a roof is not properly ventilated heat will start to cook the shingles from on top of the roof and in the attic. The result of this is usually seen as severe shingle blistering and loss of granules. Often this compromises the roof so severely that a total replacement could be the only option.

What does Proper Ventilation Offer a Home?

Airflow is an important part of any home, especially through the attic and roof. If your attic isn’t properly vented your home will be subjected to the negative effects of trapped air throughout the seasons. Below we list some benefits to proper ventilation:

  1. Reduce Energy Costs

  2. Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof/Shingles

  3. Reduce Indoor Extreme Temperatures Naturally

  4. Helps Control Moisture

Does my Roof Need Ventilation?

When it is time to replace a roof it is important to make sure that a qualified contractor is providing enough ventilation for your roof. Oftentimes we see contractors skipping this area so they can pocket a couple extra 100 dollars. This is done at the home owners expense and can end up costing thousands of dollars. Be wary and make sure to ask your roofing installers about proper ventilation.

For most residential houses the solution is a simple upgrade to the ridge vent system. Ridge vent works in conjunction with existing soffit intake vents and allows fresh air to flow in and hot air to vent out through the ridge of the roof. Ridge vent systems have been around since the 70's and the designs have come a long way. So what's the best ridge vent system you can have on your roof?

GAF Cobra III Ridge Vent System

GAF Cobra III Ridge Vent System is the top of the line ridge vent and many contractors' first choice in venting a roof. Why do we love GAF’s Ridge Vent System? Partly because it’s non mechanical and functions to the highest standard in the roofing industry. There are no moving parts or motors to break leaving it stress free for homeowners. Also When they are properly installed that they will not leak.

GAF’s Cobra Hip Vent System

Some roofs lack enough ridge to properly vent a roof. On roofs like these the best choice would be installing hip ventilation. This is similar to a ridge vent but used on the hips of the roof. GAF’s Cobra Hip Vent, when used correctly, gives much more ventilation than other options. It also adds striking curb appeal and helps with the dimensional look of the roof. This should be the number 2 choice when venting a house with not enough ridge.

Want Ventilation on Your Home?

Birmingham Roofs uses the best roof ventilation techniques on the market today. Give us a call or contact us with any questions about proper ventilation in your home. We will be happy to guide you to a successful resolution.

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